Those who like to watch soccer, in many cases also like to place a bet on their favorite team or their victory. Especially in recent years, when Tipico, bwin and similar providers have conquered the German market, soccer betting has become much more popular. Many people bet with their hearts on soccer and put their money on the team of which they are also a fan at the same time. Others, however, bet with their heads and pay close attention to how likely the outcome they are betting on is, without being guided by loyalties to specific teams.

Whether you bet with passion or for testing your analysis or monetary gain, in any case, you need to know what bets you can place at all in soccer and how they work. You can find out about various portals where you can place bets.

Types of soccer bets

There are different variants of soccer betting, not all of which offer the same risk and probability of winning. Some variants are also less complicated than others. Basic in all soccer bets are the single bets. In addition, there are still very common combination bets and system bets. These three types of soccer bets will now be presented respectively.

Single bets

Single bets are probably the oldest bets that exist in sports or in betting at all. At the same time, they are also the easiest bets to place, which may be related to their age. A single bet works in such a way that you have to correctly predict the result of a single match. For instance, one bets that team A will win, or that team B will win, or that the match will end in a draw. In a more advanced form of the single bet, you can also predict with what score or goal difference the match will end.

Possible profit

With single bets, calculating the profit is very straightforward, because you just have to multiply the stake with the odds to find out the payout. If you bet 10 Euros and the odds are 2.50, you will receive a payout of 25 Euros if the tip is correct. Of this, 15 euros are the pure profit, while with the remaining 10 euros you simply get your bet back. Compared to other types of bets, the risk of a single bet is quite low. In return, however, the possible winnings are not quite as high as with combined or system bets.


You can place a single bet with almost all established bookmakers in all leagues of soccer. Only Tipico requires you to combine at least three results into one bet when betting in low leagues or in non-established fringe sports (i.e. certainly not in soccer), so single bets are not possible here for all events.

Combi bets

Combi bets

A combined bet is a bit more complex than a single bet. It is basically a series of individual bets placed one after the other. The way a combination bet works is that you have to name some outcomes on different events. These must all occur independently of each other for you to take home your winnings. Otherwise, the entire stake is lost, no matter how many times you were right with your bet.

Possible winnings

With a combination bet, the calculation of the possible winnings is a bit more complex than with a single bet. But even here, it is not witchcraft to calculate the possible profit once when placing the bet and thus estimate the risk. To do this, multiply the odds of the results with each other and with the stake. With odds of 2.5 as well as 2 and 1.5, a possible profit of 75 euros can be achieved with a stake of 10 euros.

This is the same as placing the bets one after the other and each time choosing the payout of the previous bet as the stake. However, the risk here is quite high, since you already lose your entire stake with one wrong tip in the combination. The more tips with higher odds you combine in a combination bet, the higher the risk.


An offer for combined bets is available at almost all sports betting providers. As already described above, Tipico even only allows customers to place combined bets in low leagues as well as in marginal sports and does not allow single bets in these cases.

System bets

With system bets, you can bet on the outcome of different events at the same time, just as with combined bets, but the risk is significantly lower. In this case, the relation between chances and risk is adjusted so that you have a lower risk with similar chances. However, because the system bet is quite complex in terms of its concept, it is also still comparatively young and less known among people who do not like to place bets as a hobby.

Possible profit

As already mentioned, the system bet has a comparatively complex structure. Here you place several combination bets in one go. This is easier and faster than placing them all individually. For example, you can bet that a certain team will win in each of four selected soccer matches. In the system bet, you have four triple combination bets. The amount you bet is divided evenly between the individual combined bets.

In an example calculation it looks like this: Team A wins their game with odds of 1.5. Team B wins their game with odds of 2. Team C wins their game with odds of 2.4. Team D wins their game with odds of 2.7. You bet forty euros, so a total of ten euros on each possible combination bet. If two teams lose, no combined bet will be placed. But if, for example, only team B loses, you still get 1.5 x 2.4 x 2.7 x 10€, so 97.20€. Of this, 57,20€ is the pure profit – and you had much less effort when placing the bets than with four single combi bets.


The system bet is available from almost all sports betting providers. There are also no limits here – you just have to be aware that here the stake quickly becomes quite high. Otherwise, the system bet convinces with a great time saving compared to individual combination bets.

The fiction of safe bets

The fiction of safe bets

Gamblers always try to devise a system with which they will definitely not incur losses in the long run. Such constructs of a safe betting system are also touted from time to time when a gambler has had success with it for a while. However, in the long run, they rarely prove to be true. It is true that you can make low-risk bets, especially if you are always well informed and make smart bets. But in soccer, it always depends on luck to a certain extent. Therefore, there is no question of placing a single bet with a sure profit or devising a system to avoid long-term losses. You have to rely on your luck for every bet, despite all your knowledge.

What do people often bet on?

The most common bets are placed on well-known teams, as this is the best place to estimate the team. This also applies to the bookmakers who calculate the odds, which is why, as a rule, the odds are most likely to be reliable for established teams and leagues. Therefore, for example, bets are often placed on games in the Spanish, French, British or German first division. But also the Champions and the Europa League enjoy great popularity. Not to forget the European and World Championships, where many people bet well in advance on who will be the winner of the tournament.