Sports betting is of course becoming more and more popular in times of modern media, fast data processing, and attractive professional sports. So, it is no wonder that by now even the largest betting providers are firmly in the sponsorship program of important institutions and organizations, as well as events. 



To bet successfully in the long run, it is necessary to follow some strategies. The analysis starts with a closer look at the teams and players you want to bet on. Is there any special information that you should pay attention to? In soccer, for example, it’s not that far-fetched to look at whether important players are injured or suspended, or possibly even spared for an important match. Some players are simply irreplaceable and tear a big hole in the team. 

So, you will never be successful in betting without the expertise and analytical skills. This statement does not only refer to the sport itself. Logically, you should know the teams and the athletes on which you place your bets. There are thousands of ways on the internet to provide yourself with the most basic information such as form curves, particular strengths, weaknesses, etc. Use this input before placing your bets.  At the same time, you should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the betting options of the bookmakers such as IviBet. You should also know how a betting market works and under what conditions you can make a profit when betting on soccer. 


The betting selection in soccer betting should be sensible. Many experts limit themselves to underdog tips, goalscorer bets, over and under bets, or special events like corner kicks and cards. These are all very attractive, as far as profitable ways to make profits in soccer betting. There are many sites on the internet with statistics on cards, corner kicks, form curves, and other features. As a rule, you should look for one or more niches and intensify your research there. Then you can gather information on advantages over the betting providers and thus identify attractive because incorrectly set betting odds are easier. 



Sports betting tips are a hobby, which many players want to professionalize. At this point, however, we advise proceeding with caution when placing bets. Often the intentions are good. Then begins a small streak of bad luck – which is inevitable even for expert tips – belongs to it. The biggest mistake in online sports betting is to want to compensate for losses incurred by placing further bets. This is one of the most important sports betting pro tips. You must not deviate from your system as a sports betting pro. Good bets must be selected. This requires an expert analysis based on statistics. If you have made a loss so far, do not increase your bet.


How to learn how to bet correctly? Although we have established ten basic rules, we are honest enough to say that nothing beats your own sports betting experience for successful betting. Therefore, our recommendation: analyze not only the games based on statistics but also your progress and experience. In the beginning, it is certainly a side income due to the stakes, but if you are constantly in the plus and constantly generate smaller profits, then you are very quickly also with higher stakes. 

If the betting strategy continues to be successful, then after a while you can book large profits and ideally also live from it! It all comes down to a very professional preparation. About sports betting, this of course also means leaving emotions aside and approaching soccer matches objectively, then also comparing the betting odds and playing where you earn the highest profit after deducting betting taxes.