The dream of many sports fans is to be able to generate a nice additional income from the comfort of their own home, or even to be able to live off it permanently. However, the fact that so many people fail to realize this is not due to the betting itself, but rather to the wrong approach and faulty strategic approaches. Read below how professionals approach the matter and how you too can have higher chances of success.

The bankroll as the basis of a professional sports bettor

Are you a huge soccer fan and have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a living or at least generate a nice side income by betting on sports?

Then you are like many other sports fans in this country. What unites them is that only very few have a concrete plan of what it’s like to be a professional sports bettor, and secondly, what the path to this goal looks like and what hard, long-term work is actually involved.

Many a beginner doesn’t even take a betting bonus, although there are now plenty of handy comparison sites on the net. There, interested parties can obtain information about which bookie is currently paying out which bonus amount free of charge in no time at all. In addition, the sometimes complicated turnover conditions, which not only require different stakes, but also a minimum quota, are clearly presented.

The basis of a successful sports bettor is always the bankroll management (BRM). This ensures that the stakes match the total balance and prevents the threat of bankruptcy in the event of a losing streak. Therefore, never bet more than 3% of your total capital to start with.

Become an expert in the sport and soak up information

Become an expert in the sport

The absolute basic rule for successful sports betting is that you must never bet on games that you cannot watch in parallel. This has to do with the fact that some important information is only available shortly before the match starts – apart from that, you need to watch how the match develops in order to place further live bets or use cashout functions if necessary.

It is important that you not only have an excellent knowledge of the sport of soccer, but also of the two teams playing against each other, the respective competition or league, the current performance level, any injury lists, trainer worries as well as internal squabbles. Professional sports bettors follow the principle that they include as much information as possible in their betting – there is no such thing as too much.

Furthermore, it is important that you have accounts with several bookies, as they all calculate their odds differently and this in turn has to be put in relation to the betting tax that may have to be paid.

Analysis of data sets and odds movements as leverage 

Analysis of data sets

The majority of professional bettors are aware of the fact that the luck component can never be eliminated in betting. Consequently, there are always so-called swings, i.e. phases in which the quality of the betting fits, but the financial outcome does not.

Therefore, successful betting is always a long-term affair that requires tilt avoidance and the analysis of numerous data sets as well as odds movements. For instance, professionals look at how the odds for both teams have developed in the past and roll through numerous statistics based on probability evaluations for this purpose.

This does not necessarily have to be done manually in an elaborate manner, but programs can be used that perform scans automatically. Some professionals develop their own software for this purpose, which takes them weeks or even months to work out.

You see: Professional betting has nothing in common with the common beer bet and is mainly based on an effective analysis of variables. The question of whether to finally bet on a single, combination, handicap or system bet is only the tip of the iceberg.