Professional Bettor

Working as a Professional Bettor

There are a lot of different reasons why people bet on sports. Some do it because it makes watching sports more exciting, while others do it just for the rush it gives them. Some people love trying to “beat the bookies,” while others like to see how much they know about sports. You can try […]

Introduction To Sports Betting

Introduction To Sports Betting

Soccer, or Football as it is normally called, is the most popular sport in the world by a fair margin. Data has it that there are over 3 billion active football fans, more than any other sport played in history. Right since Football or soccer was invented, it’s common for fans to place bets on […]

Best Odds Casino Games

Best Odds Casino Games

When we say that a casino game has the best odds, we mean that it has the highest RTP, or return to player. This is how often a player can expect an online slot machine to give them their money back. The percentage shows how likely it is that a player will get a return, […]

Online Casino Mobile FAQS

Online Casino Mobile FAQS

Here are the most frequently asked questions by online casino mobile users. You can put lessons learned to good use at CasinoChan Casino . Is it safe for me to use my phone or tablet to play at an online casino? Choosing the best mobile casino will keep you safe. Before you choose an operator, […]

Online Or Classic Casinos

Online Or Classic Casinos

      Online casinos and classic casinos have many similarities, but there are a few key differences between the two that set them apart. The industry offers a range of gaming experiences. There can be found slots, table games, and specialty games. But the online casinos have some distinct advantages over their classic counterparts. Do not hesitate […]

how to bet on sports


Sports betting is of course becoming more and more popular in times of modern media, fast data processing, and attractive professional sports. So, it is no wonder that by now even the largest betting providers are firmly in the sponsorship program of important institutions and organizations, as well as events.  USE YOUR ANALYTICAL SKILLS To […]

Successful sports betting

Successful sports betting – the secret of the pros

The dream of many sports fans is to be able to generate a nice additional income from the comfort of their own home, or even to be able to live off it permanently. However, the fact that so many people fail to realize this is not due to the betting itself, but rather to the […]

Possible types of bets

Possible types of bets in soccer and their process

Those who like to watch soccer, in many cases also like to place a bet on their favorite team or their victory. Especially in recent years, when Tipico, bwin and similar providers have conquered the German market, soccer betting has become much more popular. Many people bet with their hearts on soccer and put their […]

odds in sports betting

What exactly do odds tell in sports betting?

There is no sports bet without odds, everyone knows that – but what exactly makes the odds turn out the way they do in the end? How can you calculate an odds? And above all: What does the odds mean for your own bet? Does it possibly give a hint for whom or what it […]

betting bus

Win, lose or draw is not everything in betting!

From the times of the “betting bus” you surely know that you can bet on correct results, as well as on goal scorers or even the first or last goal scorer of a match. The live betting era has expanded such special bets even further and you can now bet on just about anything during […]